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Overcome Fear and Trust Yourself

If you are looking for a childhood trauma therapist, help is here.

Have you had overwhelming experiences in your life that still affect you?

  • Do you doubt yourself and your decisions?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed or terrified about an experience that happened to you?
  • Have you been “walking on eggshells” around people so you don’t upset them?
  • Have you felt violated?

You can feel safe again.


You are a smart, kind, hard-working person. You’ve had some hardships in your life and feel like you’re doing the best you can. You have had traumatic past experiences that made you feel confused and second-guess yourself. Maybe you still feel terrified and violated. You’ve been suffering in silence for a while. You cry more than you want to. You’ve been ashamed, thinking you should be over this by now. You’ve put off dealing with it and now feel stuck and hopeless.

You justify your situation by telling yourself “It’s not so bad,” or “It’ll get better somehow.” Meanwhile, you’re distracted and worried. When you confide in others about what you’re dealing with, they don’t really know how to help you. They might even blame you by telling you it’s all in your head which hurts and isolates you more. You have secrets that you feel you need to keep. You’re worried that there must be something really wrong with you if you need talk to a therapist. You just don’t want to be judged.

You’re not going crazy.


You may feel afraid to reflect or talk about painful things from the past because you fear they will overwhelm you. You fear you are too much for someone. You’ve thought, why bother opening up to someone; the past should stay in the past! You feel ashamed that it’s been this way for so long.

You feel like you should have dealt with this already – but those feelings just won’t go away. It’s hard to admit this to anyone, even those you love and trust. You feel like they won’t really get it. You want to feel calm, connected and capable, but you don’t know how to get there. There’s nothing wrong with needing help. You’re only human after all. For all that you’ve been through, it’s time to give yourself some compassion. You do so much to take care of the important people in your life. Now it’s time to take care of yourself. You deserve to be heard, believed, and understood.

As a childhood trauma therapist,
I Can Help


As a childhood trauma therapist, I help people work through the effects of trauma so they can feel less anxious, safe, and calm. Brainspotting is an effective brain-body therapy that uses the body’s natural capacity to heal itself Brainspotting is a technique that systematically helps us focus on specific anxieties and events that feel charged and cause discomfort for you. We will work together to design experiences that will generate a sense of calmness, connection and capacity in your whole being. Much like the body knows what to do when you get a wound, the psyche is no different. For the wound to heal, one needs to clean it and give it time to heal. The psyche has that capacity as well – it just needs to be provided with the conditions to heal. Brainspotting helps to provide those optimal conditions.

It takes a lot of energy to keep a lid on these feelings. You want and know you need help. You long to feel more freedom to be your true self and want to feel more capable in all areas of your life.

If you are looking for a childhood trauma therapist and are ready to move forward to a happier life, I’m here to help.


“I’m just not sure therapy will work for me.”

Therapy is not a quick fix. You will need you to show up and invest in yourself. The greater the effort you put into your personal growth, the more likely you’ll see positive results.


“I think I need help, but I’m concerned trauma counseling costs too much.”

You are worth too much not to invest in yourself and your emotional well-being. You do not need to go through life feeling traumatized, shame, or fear. While the expense of trauma counseling is an investment, it is also a place to experience healing. You can get your life back and learn how to be you.


“My friends and family will judge me for seeking counseling.”

Everyone, no matter how strong or successful, needs help at some point. Self-care recognizes that we’re all human, and we all go through struggles. I am here to help.


Ready to release your fear and find peace?


You want to find enjoyment in the things you love to do. You want to feel your best when you’re caring for the people closest to you. I guide people to heal and trust themselves so they are able to enjoy their present life. You deserve to feel ready for whatever life throws at you next. You can feel safe again and are capable of handling life’s challenges.


As a childhood trauma therapist, I can help you reclaim your life.

Find meaning and purpose to reclaim your life.

As a childhood trauma therapist, I am ready to join you on your journey to the life you’ve always wanted.

Courtenay Monfore, LCMHC

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You want and know you need help. You long to feel more freedom to be your true self and want to feel more capable in all areas of your life. There is no shame in seeking help, and you are ready to get it. You’ll be armed with better skills and a knowing sense to handle what life throws at you. You’ll feel more like yourself, with clarity and peace.

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