Anxiety Therapy

Less Worry, More Time to Enjoy

Feeling like the anxiety is in more control than you are?

From the outside looking in, no one would be able to tell you’re anxious.

You’re used to being in control, to making things happen, and life seems to be going well.

Yet everyday it seems like the anxiety creeps in and ruins what was supposed to be a great day.

You feel like your mind is racing , you’re getting overwhelmed more easily, and some days you completely check out because the stress is too much.

Of course you want to feel better, and you know there’s a solution, but you’re just not sure where to start.


Regain your control


Anxiety starts to invade our lives when we get stuck living in the past or future.

We start thinking constantly about conflicts at work, your business, problems with family members, health issues or financial issues. When we keep having these fearful thoughts, our body enters a state of survival. Once that gets turned on, it can be difficult to turn it off, making us feel like we’re in a constant state of tension.


I believe in getting to the root cause of your anxiety so you can not only heal and overcome it, but also learn who you are for your own personal growth.

As a therapist specializing in anxiety in Charlotte, NC., I use the most up-to-date approaches to help people struggling with the overwhelm of it all.

These gentle approaches help you uncover your thoughts, feelings and experiences to empower you. My holistic and client centered approach looks at you as a whole person so that we can heal what’s causing the anxiety. This way, you can trust yourself to navigate life’s high’s and low’s and find strength in your abilities. You can feel like you’re connecting and relating with the important people in your life.

Your day to day experiences can change dramatically.

You’re able to enter a state of calm deeper than before that allows you to move through life more easily.


Learn to let go of the fear.


Anxiety is common and can get better. I understand that taking the first step and reaching out for help can feel awkward, but there is no shame in seeking help. It can be the first step on the path to feeling more capable and calm.

I’d be honored to guide you on your journey.

Motivated to get the help you deserve?


Anxiety from bad experiences can make us feel like we’re not in control of our own life, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Give yourself the time and space to exhale; to unload all that you carry around on a daily basis. Feel more in control of the craziness in your life right now. Finally, you’ll be armed with better skills and a knowing sense to handle what life throws at you. You can find clarity and peace.


Feel more like yourself.

Find meaning and purpose to reclaim your life.

Courtenay Monfore, LCMHC

You want and know you need help. You long to feel more freedom to be your true self and want to feel more capable in all areas of your life. There is no shame in seeking help, and you are ready to get it. You’ll be armed with better skills and a knowing sense to handle what life throws at you. You’ll feel more like yourself, with clarity and peace.


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