Social Anxiety for High Functioning People

Fear, Shame, Self-Criticism

You have a constant fear of saying or doing something embarrassing.

You are worried about being rejected by others.

You have trouble thinking of the right words to say when speaking.

It’s a constant state of worry that just doesn’t seem to leave you alone; it’s a gut wrenching feeling.

No matter what self-help books you’re reading, or online videos that describe techniques or strategies for overcoming your nervousness around people, nothing seems to help.

You may have had thoughts like…

  • “Everyone is staring at me, waiting for me to mess up.”
  • “My heart is racing and I can’t breathe.”
  • “What’s wrong with me?”

What’s at stake is important. You feel lonely and disappointed over missed chances for friendship and fun. You avoid chatting with friends in social areas. You dread attending a party or going on a date.

You don’t want to go the rest of your life feeling that pang of regret over missed social opportunities.

To meet your true friends or the partner you deserve.


Change, and transformation from social anxiety is possible through therapy.


You can learn to manage fear, develop confidence and coping skills, and stop avoiding things that make you anxious.


How did social fear start in the first place?


Social anxiety can come from your genes (thanks mom and dad). If they are shy, nervous or stressed, then you pick that up from being around them as you grow up.

Your parents may have been overprotective, and that protection prevents you from getting used to being around.

Or it could simply be the culmination of multiple events from your past, when you tried to put yourself out there but got rejected. And that memory sits there, always reminding you of what can happen if you make the effort.

I Am Here to Help


Therapy helps get to the root cause of your anxiety by truly figuring out why you’re constantly in a state of worry.

I dig in with you to figure out exactly what’s going on that is creating the anxiety. Together, we will look at past and current family life to uncover what may be contributing to anxious thoughts. We will look at possible past traumas that may be creating anxiety. We will take a close look at your days and weeks to focus on what spurs the anxiety. Once we better understand it we can do something about it. I can help you recognize the physical feelings of social anxiety and figure out what they mean. I use a widely used therapy called cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). CBT helps you understand how thoughts, feelings, and actions affect each other. I help you learn to replace negative thoughts with positive ones, I help you learn to manage strong emotions and challenging situations as well as improve behaviors and face your fears with exposure to what scares you. Sometimes your doctor may also prescribe medicine to help reduce anxiety.With therapy, you can learn to manage fear, develop confidence and coping skills, and stop avoiding things that make you anxious.

Once the fear is reduced, our bodies can return back to a state of calm. You can heave a sigh of relief knowing you’re experiencing more self-confidence.

Now you can be in the present moment and enjoy each day more. You can actually wake up optimistic about the things you’d like to do and people you want to see without fear getting in the way.

But I also go one step further and give you the tools so that you consistently return back to a state of calm, and don’t have to worry about “reentering the anxiety”. WIth that you can live life confidently.

It’s Time for Change


If you’re ready to experience that change, if you’re ready to live a life without constantly fearing when the anxiety might come, then I’m ready to help guide you on your journey.

I know it can feel difficult to reach out, but it can be the first step on the path to your healing.

I’m here to guide and support you on your healing journey.

Let’s talk. Click below to schedule a consultation or call me directly at 704-741-2082.

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